Art Collection Managed With RFID Applications

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Many collectors of art and museum artifacts will have a difficult time when it comes to managing, counting and protecting their collection, whether it's large or small, particularly if it is spread out in several countries. However, with the help of web-based RFID applications the task of managing collections will seem like a breeze.
What is the difference in using RFID instead of a barcode?
Well, one of the many advantages of using RFID applications is that there is no need to disrupt the environment when you are counting the items in the collection, because this technology can read through the items. For instance, it is possible to position the RFID tags behind a vase; artwork or even inside clothing and then you can read the tags through the different materials.

Based on the setup, two kinds of systems could be used:
Technology for passive short-range: With this technology an individual reading the tags must be about 10-20 ft from the Inventory while counting with the PDA. In addition, the system works with UHF Portal solutions and so it is possible to see the inventory items when they pass by those portals.
Technology for active long-range: There is absolutely no need for human intervention, because basically the tags will either transmit a message to a reader at long range that will essentially states that the asset is still in the required location or there is also the response technology in which the system will be able to Poll many websites to count the inventory. What is even important is that this active technology features instant alerts like motion sense, which sends an immediate alert whenever anyone touches a valuable item.
The immediate benefit of using this type of system will be the productivity gained because you don't have to spend long hours managing the artifacts, arts and reading countless tags. Think about the amount of time that you can save as opposed to if you were using pencil and paper or the barcode technology. When you have this web-based technology this means that it is possible to operate the system from any location.


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