Keeping Memories Alive

Thursday, January 10, 2013
Memories of our past, good or bad, many times fill a very important part of our daily lives. We draw continuously on the knowledge we have acquired over the years. But, over time, much of this knowledge and wisdom is lost due to forgetfulness or lack of review. Also, those wonderful family memories of weddings, births, family reunions, vacations and a whole host of other memories captured on audio or visual media types may not be seen or heard because you have nothing to play them on. For instance, you may have reels of 8mm regular or super film, reel to reel audio tape, 8 trk audio tape, cassette audio tape, VHS, Hi8, 78/45/33 rpm vinyl records or just simply photos that are hard to access. Well, as the Bandleader of the Stardusters Band, I am dedicated to the preservation and performance of live music of the great musical era of WWII. In the same respect, I believe our recorded memories of our families and our adventures through life are equally if not more important to preserve for future generations to come. Therefore, I have researched online the many services offered to render or transfer various media types to CD or DVD, or bands to perform the great music of the 30's, 40's and 50's. I have found the cost to be surprisingly expensive.

I believe the musical performance in a live band format and the Audio & Video Rendering and Transfer of this great music and your treasured memories can be reasonable and affordable. If one has the talent, knowledge, access to the proper equipment and time on his or her hands that would be the perfect combination to accomplish this very worthy task.
Many early mornings with coffee cup in hand I have contemplated these possibilities. It would obviously take musical abilities. That is, training as a musician or to be so inclined. Also, there is the need for the specific projectors and/or playing devices to render and transfer the different media types. Some folks are fortunate to have had fathers who used these devices over the years and kept them in good condition, and, later handed them down to sons or daughters. This is a recipe for entrepreneurism. I know a person just like this. His dad kept right up with technology and over the years had collected recording equipment from reel to reel tape recorders to 8mm movie cameras and projectors to the Hi8 digital tape before he passed away. What a great opportunity his father left to him for the preservation of history. And, that history is something we should work hard to keep, and maybe even more important, to pass on.
Since this type of work must be done in real time, it is obvious that the amount of time available is crucial in the ability to reduce the cost of the service. If time is not a major factor then you are half the way there. On the other hand, if you don't already own the appropriate equipment and devices, I'm sure they would be somewhat hard to find, hence, the lucky son. With this time and equipment, a process could be streamlined to what I believe to be a very affordable option. The equipment and software will produce excellent rendering and transfer of the media types to CD/VCD/DVD. It doesn't have to be fancy or major high tech to still deliver excellent quality and service. The possibilities are endless!


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