Newsgroups - Their Types

Friday, February 1, 2013
Newsgroups are basically categorized into two types the binary or the text. Being the same in their technicality the only thing that make them different are their names. Newsgroups have worked very well with these binary files but the reason why newsgroup were created was not to only distribute binary files, reason being the working procedure of these binary files where if the file is uploaded once can spread and can also be downloaded by the multiple users at the same time. Not like the p2 technology where the sharing of the file is depended on the users and also the downloading speed is under the control of the user. In fact this makes a positive point for the newsgroups though this kind of l sharing thing is not expected because if everyone starts to share then the serves will be overloaded.

Initially there was a lot of problem with the binary files and that problem was the transmission of these binary files to Usenet, the UseNet came into picture because it was thought that it would help with the transmission of the various text. The results were not so good even after it came to affect there was a problem in sending the binary data and the problem sustained for a longer time. So to make things work what was done a encoder was developed which could map the binary data from the files that were to be transmitted to text characters to which the Usenet supported and then at the receivers end the user's client would decode the required data. This is how they used to work. There was also a file limit problem which was sorted out by developing newsreaders that would suppress the long files into short files and further there were intelligent newsreaders who grouped those files into single files further. Therefore, making it easier for the users.


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