10 Most Funny Nonracial Stereotypes

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where stereotypes might aid one to typecast another at a glance, these are generally offending and often misleading. Everyone knows all brilliant students aren’t nerds. But what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a student doing exceptionally well in class? Exactly. And with the addition of glasses, a few books in hand and a fanny pack, the stereotypical notion becomes a rigid belief.
Let’s explore a few common nonracial stereotypes. So here i have compiled a list of some of the most hilarious nonracial stereotypes and do add more in comment section.

Women are Horrible Drivers
Women Drivers

This stereotype has perhaps the greatest number of real-life examples floating across the web. Yet, it remains one of the most disputed. Statistics show that men are involved in a greater percentage of traffic accidents than women. However, some would argue that it is simply because they drive more.
Straight-A Students are Socially Inept
According to this stereotype, in order to ace a test in high school or college, one needs to have little or no social prospects. Students type casted as “nerds” often find themselves at the bottom of the social scale, purposefully ignored by all throughout high school and college. A cruel fate, indeed.
Jocks are Dense
'Jock' Bravo
The concept that governs this stereotype is a perfect example of a balanced equation – one can only gain extraordinary physical strength at the cost of mental agility – it’s that simple.
Blondes are Dumb
Dumb Blondes
The dumb blonde stereotype dates back as far as the 1900s and cruel as it may be, the world – especially Hollywood – doesn’t seem as if it is going to grow tired of it any time soon. Still, teen flicks portray blonde-haired women as “bimbos” – beauty without brains. [Image via Bizarro.com]
Female Gamers are Ugly
Girl Gamers
This nasty stereotype judges the relatively small female gaming community to have one feature in common – unsightliness. Some would even go as far as saying that the attractive female gamer is a myth. The female stereotype has served to offend countless female gamers around the world.
Avid Gamers Have No Social Life
Gamer Geek
Often in movies, TV shows, books and the very minds of people, video game enthusiasts are portrayed as a group of vain, unappealing, non-social individuals locked up in their rooms, indulging in their seemingly incurable addiction. “Whoever this person is, he has played World Of Warcraft nearly every hour of every day, for the past year and a half. Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone here who has absolutely no life.” (Dialogue out of South Park Episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft) [Image via 360gamercast.com]
Men are Scared of Commitment
Men Scared of Commitment
Women are generally of the opinion that nearly all men are scared of committing to a serious relationship and that this acute fear of obligation is the cause of most break ups. (Well, boohoo!)
Women Like Bad Boys
Bart Bad
Women like bad boys for more than just a few reasons. Bad boys are confident and carefree and they play by their own rules. This nonchalant, rebellious attitude alone gives their female companions a sense of excitement and adventure.
Young People are Naive
Young blood
The new generation is always deemed foolish and most of society’s shortcomings are credited to young blood. That is the way it has been since time immemorial.
Rich People are Arrogant
Rich and Arrogant
This stereotype is centuries old. If one happens to be wealthy and successful, people automatically assume he or she is a conceited snob too, and in some cases, they are right.


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