Top 5 Coolest Objects Made of Wood

Saturday, January 7, 2012

5. Wooden Vespa

Carlos Alberto, a Portuguese craftsman, made this inspiring wooden Vespa by hand. Classic Vespa is one of the most gorgeous designs in history, and this is a really worthy remake. The seat and package tray, are also made from wood.
4. Wooden Computer

Marlies Romberg, a young designer, has made a computer out of wood, complete with the monitor, mouse, computer table and an engraved wood computer keyboard.
3. Wooden Supercar

Built in Japan, the Wooden Supercar is made entirely out of wood except its engine and other mechanical gear. It is said to be made by some furniture manufacturer and can reach the speeds of up to 90km/h.
2. Wooden Bike

This is the newest chopper style wooden bike from Warren Von Botbyl, he’s called this one the Instigator.
1. WoodStation Alarm Clock

The WoodStation is an alarm clock and a weather station. What’s really nifty is that you can tell the weather by just glancing at the LED icons that shine through a thin layer of wood.


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