10 Most Unusual and Coolest Keyboards

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Personal computers by nature are ever-evolving. Not only does the technology constantly advance, but so too do the personal touches that people add to their own systems. Customization is one of the cornerstones of the PC, and that alone is very important to the modern PC user.

Listed below are 10 of the Coolest and Most Unusual Keyboards available to PC users. Some of them have been developed by actual manufacturers in order to make the computing experience much more convenient and productive, and others have been created by people who just want to make their computers look a little cooler.
Virtual Laser Keyboard

This virtual keyboard is actually just a laser emitter that creates a light pattern in the shape of a keyboard, and then detects the movements of your fingers in order to determine what you are typing.
Techie Trends Wireless Flexible Keyboard

The Wireless Flexible Keyboard by Techie Trends is a dust & water proof flexible keyboard that can be easily rolled up and carried with you anywhere you go.
Wrist-mounted Keyboard

This keyboard attaches to your wrist with a strap on brace so that you can type text message style with one hand
SafeType Keyboard

The SafeType keyboard is designed to be more comfortable and ergonomic than a standard keyboard.

Maltron Ergonomic Keyboard

This keyboard is designed to naturally fit the shape of the hands and the varying lengths of the fingers in order to prevent stress injuries.

The TypeMatrix takes the keys of a standard keyboard and rearranges them in a modular (and supposedly more logical) arrangement in order to optimize the typing process.
Stowaway Ultra Slim Bluetooth Keyboard

The Stowaway Bluetooth keyboard is a compact, portable keyboard that you can connect to your PDA or Blackberry device for convenient full-size typing.

Luxeed Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard

This keyboard has fully illuminated keys and allows you to program the specific colors and frequency at which they light up.

MyKeyo Organizer Keyboard

The MyKeyo is a fully functioning keyboard with a flip up top that reveals internal storage space for storing small personal items and supplies.

DX1 Customizable Keyboard

This keyboard allows you to arrange the individual stick-on keys in any arrangement on the included input tray that you desire, and if you grow tired of it you can easily remove and rearrange them again.
Steampunk-style Keyboard

This is a steam punk-style ergonomic keyboard fabricated from brass. It also features a built-in track pad.


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