Top 5 World’s Coolest Bathrooms

Friday, January 6, 2012

5. Aquarium Bathroom

Like many beach-side bathrooms, the Mumin Papa Café in Akashi, Japan, is decorated with deep-sea creatures. But the live three-wall aquarium envelops the stall one-ups standard wallpaper by a large margin. The underwater restroom costs $270,000 to build and is ladies-only, except for the giant sea turtle swimming around. The surrounding aquarium was designed to mimic the feeling of relieving yourself while swimming in the ocean.

4. Vertigo Bathroom

Try to avoid this bathroom if you are afraid of heights. Its vertigo looking wallpaper makes you feel trapped among buildings.
3. One-Way Glass Bathroom

Artist Monica Bonvicini created this minimalist glass cube containing a usable loo to stand opposite the Tate Britain gallery in London.The work, called Don’t Miss A Sec, is made out of one-way glass which means you can see out but not in. The public sculpture was exposed at the former Royal Army Medical College in Millbank, and was meant for public use. A spokeswoman for the project said: “It will arouse curiosity because people can just come and use it, although there is a question of whether people will feel comfortable doing so.” The toilet was also exhibited at the Messeplatz in Basel, Switzerland, in 2004.
2. Mountainous Brook (natural bathroom for the city)

‘Mountainous Brook’, just as its name implies, is an innovative bathroom suite designed to create natural atmosphere inside urban buildings. The Redo Studio has drawn the inspiration from the nature, and therefore the design features several natural elements like the mountains and the spring. Combining a basin, a shower and the toilet in one single unit, ‘Mountainous Brook’ has successfully achieved its goal to save up the limited space of urban departments.
1. Pure Gold Bathroom

World’s priciest toilet is located in Hong Kong. The Swisshorn Gold Palace was built in 2001 by Chinese jewelry mogul Lam Sai-wing. The entire washroom required 380 kg of pure gold and 6,200 gemstones. Even the fixtures were made of gold. It cost HK $38 million. In 2008 all the place was melted down, except for the golden throne.


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