Top 5 Psychotic Girlfriends

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5. Mia Landingham: the 300 lb woman who killed her boyfriend by sitting on him

The details are shocking and hard to believe, but a woman — who was believed to weigh around 300 lbs. at the time — sat on her 120 lb. boyfriend, Mikal Middleton-Bey and killed him. It happened during an altercation between the couple, who share three children together. According to her defender, there was a long history of domestic abuse between his client and her late boyfriend. He also pointed out she has no prior criminal record. She did told the judge she was sorry for squashing the father of her children. “I just want to say that I am sincerely sorry about this situation… I wish I could take it back.” The judge sentenced her to three years’ probation and 100 hours community service and she was immediately released from jail. While Middleton-Bey’s family hoped Landingham would eventually be able to take part in her children’s lives, they were surprised that she got no additional jail time.

4. Chalie Simon: the teenager who was arrested for squeezing her ex boyfriend’s balls

Does this woman look like a testicle crusher? Well, that’s what cops claim University of Colorado student Chalie Simon did to a former boyfriend during a confrontation at a campus apartment. Simon, a 19-year-old sophomore, went to Job Donkor’s home at about 4 AM and became irate when he sought to remove her from the residence. That’s when Simon grabbed his testicles and squeezed hard. Donkor, 23, replied, “Yeah, it hurt a lot,” when a cop asked about Simon’s squeeze play. Donkor had dated Simon “on and off” during the prior 18 months, and they had broken up “approximately 20 times.” Simon was apparently angry because Donkor had not, as promised, called or sent her a text message by 3 AM (police noticed that another woman was sleeping in Donkor’s bedroom when they arrived). Simon was arrested on assault, trespass, and domestic violence charges.
3. Dianne Craven: the woman who faked her death to dump a boyfriend

Dianne Craven pretended to have her lover’s baby – then ditched him by faking her own death. The married mum of three made out she was her brother when she sent a text saying she had suffered a fatal brain hemorrhage. She then sent other texts giving lover Stuart Shortland details of her funeral. He was so shocked he developed alopecia and went bald.
Former barman Stuart, 45, was living in Portugal when Dianne, 49, texted him last year from the UK to say their “baby” girl Ruby was born on November 10. Dianne even nicknamed her Roo and said she looked like Stuart. But when he flew to the UK to see mum and baby they had vanished. Five days later he got the text from Dianne’s phone saying: “im di’s bro dave theres no easy way to say this so here goes. She died last Saturday afternoon brain hemorrhage they say.” Stuart then got texts about the funeral – but when he tried calling there was no answer. Stuart could find no record of the death or birth. She had moved to Bali with husband Gary. And we photographed her in Hull visiting her family. She refused to comment. The couple, both from Hull, met in 2004 and started an on-off affair that lasted years. At one point Dianne left hubby Gary, 49, to live with Stuart in Portugal. But she returned two weeks later.
2. Kimberly Jernigan: the woman who attempted to kidnap ex-virtual boyfriend

33-year-old Kimberly Jernigan of North Carolina was apparently distraught after her online relationship with a 52-year-old man from Claymont, Delaware, came to an end. The pair apparently met online in “Second Life.” A virtual relationship began between the victim, whose character was a Lion, and Jerrigan, whose online persona was said to be a virtual woman. When the two met in reality several months ago, the victim ended the relationship, sending Jernigan into a downward spiral. In the beginning of August, Jernigan drove to the victim’s Pennsylvania workplace and attempted to kidnap him at gunpoint. While she was unsuccessful, she returned two weeks later to track down the victim’s Delaware address.
With her dog Gogi in tow, Jernigan cut and removed a screened window in order to enter her virtual ex’s apartment. When the victim arrived home, he saw someone pointing an object at his chest that was projecting a laser beam. He immediately fled the apartment and contacted police. Officers arriving at the scene discovered a pair of handcuffs, a roll of duct tape, a Taser and a BB gun as well as the suspect’s dog. Jernigan had bound her dog Gogi with duct tape and put him in the bathroom as he was making too much noise. Jernigan is currently facing charges of attempted kidnapping, burglary and aggravated menacing.
1. Agnes Bermudez: the lady who turned herself and her BF into human fireballs

Agnes Bermudez, 50, set herself and her boyfriend into human fireballs – killing three others in the inferno, with one victim seen falling to her death as caught on camera. She is now accused of killing ex-lover William Salazar, 32, in a horrific 2008 Father’s Day blaze that took the lives of three neighbors and left her lucky to be alive but with terrible burns. Everything was recorded by CCTV footage. It shows Bermudez and Salazar running out of their apartment in balls of flame, and Salazar then running into Z-Star Deli in the basement of their building in a desperate hunt for water. As he runs outside deli owner Mohammed Almatari and good Samaritan George Zugajewicz, follow him out and pour gallon jugs over him. Once the flames are out, Salazar, 32, paces around, holding his head. He died four days later in New York Hospital’s Burn Center having suffered burns to at least half his body. Bermudez remains on the ground, curled into a ball of flames throughout, but somehow surviving. Off camera, a third-floor tenant, Flor Sandoval, 48, was hanging from her window – and is then seen plunging to her death before firefighters can get to her. Her husband, Heriberto Garcia, 57, and their 20-year-old son, Felipe Garcia Sandoval, were also killed by the flames.


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