10 Most Awesome iPhone 4G Concept Designs

Friday, January 6, 2012

The news and rumors of the new iPhone 4G are getting famous day by day as the new iPhone 4G is possible to be launched in June/July this year. Fans of iPhone’s throughout the world are waiting for the new handsome features of the iPhone 4G. But some apple fanatics and lovers are taking it to a whole new level. They have designed Concept versions of iPhone 4G which is nothing but a gesture of love for iPhone and Apple.

So here i have compiled a list of some of the most awesome iPhone 4G concepts designs. I hope you will like it.
Transparent iPhone 4G

Wouldn’t it truly be magical if you could have a transparent iPhone 4G? I know it is possible since this type of technology was demoed in CES. [Via Concept Phones]
iPhone 4G iMac Addition

An iMac styled iPhone with a front camera on the top and aluminum finish around the home button on the bottom.
iPhone .02 Concept

The iPhone .02 supports 4G or maybe even 5G. Toss garbage in to the incinerator of this iPhone and it converts it in to energy. The iPhone .02 also allows you to communicate visually using the front facing camera. [Via Carl]
iPhone 4G with Keyboard

The iPhone pictured in this image has a click-wheel just like on the old iPod Classic and a physical keyboard. [viaUberGizmo]
iPhone 4G Deluxe

Pictured above is the iPhone 4G Deluxe. An iPhone with a glowing purple Apple logo on the back, and a purple futuristic home button on the front, and a front-facing camera.
iPhone 4G Luxe

Games are the most popular apps on the iPhone, and it would be convenient for iPhone gamers if Apple were to add a slide-out keyboard with Gamepad keys.
iPhone 4G Nano

The iPhone you see in this image is a thin & small iPhone, or the “iPhone Nano”.
iPhone 4G Concept

12 Megapixels camera, Micro SD Card Reader, LED Light Indicator, Solid Metal Projector, Two speakers, Two Microphones, Multifunctional Home Button, and removable battery.
[Via Phone Concepts]
iPhone 4G Aluminum Edition

This is a unibody iPhone with an aluminum casing. Read the details for more info. Looks cool, but aluminum would interfere with the cellphone interception so the aluminum part of this concept will never happen.
iPhone 4G Pro

The iPhone 4G Pro has a front-facing camera, slide out keyboard, and 5 MP cameras with 3x optical zoom.  [ViaGizmodo, original design by Mat]


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