Top 5 Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5. Mohawk (“Mohican” or a “mowie”)

Truly THE hairstyle of the punk movement. The wearer would shave his or her head except for a strip in the middle, from the forehead to the back. This would be grown long and cemented straight up with any number of household liquids, including eggs, glue (see Liberty Spkes), hairspray, pomade, and gel. Other forms include the Reverse Mohawk (shaved hair being in the middle), bi- or tri-hawk, the Chelseahawk (with bangs – fringe), the duo-hawk (split into two pieces), and the deathhawk (with teased hair).
4. Dreadlocks


Associated with the Rastafarian movement, the dreadlock hairstyle involves sectioning the hair into locks and growing it as long as it can go. It began in the 1950s in Jamaica and reached America around the time reggae music became popular. This style was sported by celebrities like Bob Marley.
3. Fauxhawk

For those who want a little punk in their lives, but don’t want the commitment of shaving their heads, the fauxhawk is perfect for them. A shorter haircut is styled with gel to create a ridge of hair in the middle. A variation on this is the Hoxton flip, where the wearer slicks back the sides and spikes the top like a mohawk. Sanjaya of American Idol fame also popularized the ponyhawk, where the hair is pulled up into a series of ponytails in the middle of the head.
2. Emo

A complicated hairstyle for the complicated feelings that go along with the Emo lifestyle. The wearer will dye their hair black, part their hair to an extreme on one side, and razor cut their bangs (fringe). This allows the Emo to participate in their “half-view” on society by hiding behind their hair.
1. Buzz cut (skinhead or crewcut)

The hairstyle for the person that doesn’t like hair. The buzz cut will cut or shave all of your hair off, to the degree you’d like. The haircut is associated with the military (especially new recruits) and the neo-Nazi movement.


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