Top 5 Craziest Cleaning Inventions

Monday, January 9, 2012

5. Cockroach Swatter Slippers

The most effective way to kill a cockroach without needing to get too close to it.
4. Baby Mop

Make your children work for their keep. After the birth of a child there’s always the temptation to say “Yes, it’s cute, but what can it do?” Until recently the answer was simply “lie there and cry,” but now babies can be put on the payroll, so to speak, almost as soon as they’re born. Just dress your young one in Baby Mops and set him or her down on any hard wood or tile floor that needs cleaning.
3. Ear cleaning device with video camera

Now you will be able to see all the dirt during your personal ear cleaning procedure.
2. USB Vacuum Cleaner

See the dust and bread crumbs accumulated in-between your keyboard keys? To provide a convenient way for doing your quick clean up jobs, someone launched this mini, light-weight vacuum cleaner. The USB Vacuum Cleaner is shaped like a retro vacuum cleaner, and plugs into your PC’s USB port, it comes with a 45 inch cord so you can clean every corner of your desk.
1. Human Washing Machine

If machines can wash our clothes, why can’t they wash our bodies? Sure, they can. As a matter of fact, Sanyo demonstrated this concept almost 40 years ago. This so-called Ultrasonic Bath can wash your body automatically. The user should climb into the opening on top of the machine via a ladder. After setting temperature, the pre-rise cycle begins. The ultrasonic bath will spray the user with hot water and the process will last for 5 minutes. Then the pod-shaped will be filled with hot water and will offer a 3-minute massage bath. At last, a cloud of air bubbles generated by ultrasonic wave generator will take the dirt off the skin. Bingo, you’re clean now. Oh, wait a minute, this machine provides drying services as well.


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