10 Most Rare and Strange Phobias

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Many people have fear of many things, like height, death, water, clouds, fight, and many more, but this fear, when becomes unreasonable and excessive, becomes a phobia. It depends upon your nerves as to when you lose self-control and become unable to compose yourself. This fear of a certain thing beyond sanity is called Phobia. 

Fear to a certain extent and of reasonable things is rational, but some people have phobias of very common things, which happen to be part of our everyday lives, or which are too harmless to be even afraid of, and even some of those cannot be avoided in our daily routine.
So here I have compiled a list of some of the most rare and strange phobias. i hope you will like it.

It is the phobia of washing, cleaning and bathing, and is usually found in women and children who are not emotionally stable.

Dancing is an expression of joy and cheerfulness; can anyone be fearful of dancing? Yes, people have this phobia too!. [Image Source]

Can someone be afraid of buttons? Koumpounophobia is a fear of buttons; people suffering from it might be afraid of similar things like discs, coins, etc. [Image Source]

Another strange and funny phobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the top of your mouth, called Arachibutyrophobia. People, having this fear, do not chew rather swallow peanut butter. [Image Source]

This is an interesting one, the phobia of developing a phobia, Like the way you have developed ListphobiaJ . One has the fear that one might develop a phobia which is actually a phobia. This is more of a psychological condition than a phobia. [Image Source]

A very strange phobia is estiophobia; fear of clothes. The sufferers are not afraid of the all kind of clothes but of a certain type and material. Moreover, it is found in people who are fat and middle aged. They think that clothes make them look shabbier. [Image Source]

Can you imagine anyone being scared of the beauty? Yes, there are many people who fear beautiful women, this is called caligynephobia. This can be found in adolescent children and men who might not have straight orientation. [Image Source]

Scopophobia is the fear of being looked at; it is a real weird one as everyone looks at someone at some point in time. Hence, it might lead to social cut-off of the sufferer. Btw its me in the picture. It doesn’t that mean i am Scopophobic. ;)

One always welcomes good news, but some people have the fear of hearing good news. They are not afraid of hearing a good news but of its consequences, as they believe that a good news is always followed by a bad one. [Image Source]

The last but not the least, people are afraid of opinions of other people. Especially regarding what other people opine about their personality, clothes, job, home, everything. [Image Source]


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