10 Most Popular Free iPhone Applications

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apple’s Phil Schiller recently quoted the total number of apps on the Store to be “100,000 “, a number as daunting as it is impressive. With that many new apps to choose from it can be a difficult task to sift through the goofy, quirky and downright useless programs to find those that genuinely have a place on your shiny new phone. We’ve been downloading apps and putting them through their paces for a year now, and below is the shortlist of our favorite apps that are available for free.

These are our favorites but we’d love to hear about the apps you use most on the iPhone. So here are some of the most popular free iphone applications.

Being seen with one of the hottest gadgets ever isn’t enough. You need to be able to prove it is better than the rest. CheckTubes tests the speed of data transfers from the network carrier to your gorgeous iPhone and maps the speeds and your location using Google Maps.

The name says it all. It’s a remote control for iTunes on your computer or your Apple box. Remote connects using Wi-Fi and controls your playlists from afar.
Google Earth

It’s like the desktop version of Google earth. The iPhone app is even cooler because it can pinpoint your current location and “tilt” your view as you tilt your phone. Download

Similar to Track ID found on Sony Ericsson phones, Shazam identifies songs based on a recording it makes of a 30-second clip of the track that it sends to a database. After you discover the name of the song, you can buy it from iTunes or watch the clip on YouTube if it’s available.

For iphone Mobile versions of Facebook gives you nearly complete control over your profile. View friends’ profiles and photos, chat with them online, update elements of your profile.

Twitter apps are a dime-a-dozen on the App store, but our pick of the freebies is Twitterific. Its darker color palette is sexy and it features everything you’ll need to keep your friends up-to-date on what’s for lunch.

An e-book reader that gives the classics a 21st century flares. With access to a huge collection of material and a clean, clear interface featuring dynamically adjustable fonts, reading a novel using your iPhone seems entirely possible. Stanza can also read PDFs, HTML and Word documents.

In the future, it seems, learning a second language will be all but unnecessary. iTranslate can translate blocks of text between about 40 recognized languages displaying the results on screen or inserting them in a new email.

The new iPhone 3G S may have auto-focus baked into the new 3-megapixel camera, but for the rest of us using the older 3G model there’s Darkroom. This app adds a spirit-level-like tool to the camera and waits until your hand is still before taking the picture.
Tower Bloxx Deluxe Free

This is a favorite of ours from Java platforms. Tower Bloxx is that perfect mix of strategy and speed that works so well in iPhone games. Build the tallest buildings and conquer the city block.
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