Top 5 Creative Cooking Tools You Can Actually Buy

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5. Animal House Monkey Peeler

The orange monkey peeler ($14.20) is king of the kitchen with his swivel blade stainless steel peeler, built in eye remover for potatoes. Our monkey cleans up nicely with a quick trip through the dishwasher.
4. Trudeau Pot Clip Spoon Rest

Trudeau’s revolutionary invention, the pot clip ($6.00), is a must have for all cooks. A practical, space and sauce saving little utensil…it’ll make you wonder how you got along without it. Great way to save space, waste less and make clean up a snap!
3. Head Chefs Whisk

Head Chefs kids ($8.32) cooking tools are a fun and safe way to have your junior chef help out in the kitchen and to encourage playing with the food! These tools are ideal for creating memorable meals together in the kitchen.
2. McEgg Cup with Spoon and Egg Cracker

Make eating breakfast exceptionally fun with this WMF McEgg Egg Cup Set, ($14.21) which includes an egg cup attached to a stand, while his hat acts as a cap for collecting the egg shells. In one hand he holds an egg cracker that stays attached in his hand, while he bends at the elbow to crack the egg. This set is also perfect for serving your kids some yogurt, cereal or baby food.
1. Hedgehog Grater

This hedgehog inspired cheese grater ($14.40) will look great in your kitchen.


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