Top 5 of the Worst Bosses Ever

Sunday, January 8, 2012

5. The boss who beat his servant to death

Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud, a Saudi prince, beat and strangled his servant to death. A few weeks before, the prince was videotaped kicking and punching Bandar Adulaziz on an elevator at the Landmark Hotel, where the two were living. Bandar is seen cowering in the corner; three weeks later, his battered body was discovered in the prince’s bed.

4. The boss who fired his employee at the hospital because he would take too long to recover from a double by-pass

Murray Gardiner, 60, had a double by-pass after a week of chest pain, but as he recuperated, his boss visited to tell him he had been sacked from his job of 11 years. The reason? According to Julian Proctor, the boss, the operation had not been fully successful and return to full duties too soon “could kill Gardiner” he said. Mr. Gardiner told his boss he would be fit within three months but Mr. Proctor said he could not afford to wait that long.
3. The supermodel who hit her assistant with her cell phone

Supermodel Naomi Campbell hit her assistant with a mobile phone. The assistant had needed four stitches to her head after being hit following a row.
2. The massage parlor owner who would force his employees to tattoo his birthday on their neck

Alex “Daddy” Campbell was the owner of a suburban massage parlor who forced his employees to engage in sex with him and threatened to publicize the video he took of them having sex with other women.
Furthermore many of the women working at the massage parlor were given horseshoe tattoos on their necks and some had the number “917″ tattooed on them in reference to Campbell’s Sept. 17 birthday.
1. The industrialist who created his own city with his own rules for his employees to live in

Pullman was a 19th century industrialist who created his own city for his employees to live in. Some 12,000 people lived in the town, which ran according to Pullman’s rules. No liquor could be sold except at the Florence Hotel. Dissatisfaction with Pullman started because he paid low wages and charged high rents; furthermore he set up oppressive lease terms, and suppressive paternalistic control. Pullman also created his own money and employees only could use it at Pullman’s town.


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