Top 5 Weirdest Rugs

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5. Human Skin Rug

The Chrissy Skin Rug resembles an animal fur rug (or a slaughtered blow-up doll) and has a personal connection with the artist, Chrissy Conant. Yes, this is a very controversial piece of art, but why should bears get the only attention in living rooms?

4. Egg Rug

Egg has broken new ground as it has taken the shape of a rug! If modern and innovative home design catches your fancy, then you have to check out the groovy Sunny Side Up Shag Rug from designer Valentina Audrito! The whimsical rug is a luxurious shag with two leather pillows resembling egg yolks. It’s pretty damn silly, but don’t those golden yolks look comfy? This egg rug with the yolks serving as head cushions are perfect for lounging on the floor and watching TV in true comfort.
3. Star Wars Wampa Rug

Up until now your Star Wars collection has been relegated to the walls and cabinets of your home. But now you can put some Star Wars on your floor with this sweet rug featuring the infamous snow beast from Empire Strikes Back. It’s important to note that Slave Leia is NOT included.
2. Pimento Loaf Rug

How about having a meat rug in your floor? Yes, floor rugs that look like sandwich meat. How freaking cool is that? Here’s the Pimento Loaf floor rug, but they also have Summer Sausage and Bologna, too.
1. Band Aid Rug

The Band Aid Rug by Ricardo Garza Marcos.


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