Top 5 Most Clever Interactive Billboards

Thursday, January 5, 2012

5. Honda Billboard with SMS and Bluetooth Interaction

This billboard appeared in Dublin for Honda, where customers could “start” the car by texting to an SMS shortcode and could also download information by Bluetooth. The campaign was created by GT Media and JC Decaux using technology provided by Púca.
4. McDonald’s Piccadilly Circus Sign

McDonald’s has recently launched a new interactive sign where passers-by can interact with images displayed on McDonald’s giant LED screen, so visitors can take an interactive role at one of London’s most photographed locations.
3. Nike’s UNICEF Interactive Billboard

Nike demonstrates that even in philanthropy, it stands for athletes. In an interactive billboard (by BBDO) publicizing a charity 10k run in Argentina, the athletics powerhouse invites passers-by to have a run on a treadmill that logs a communal kilometer count. For each kilometer run, Nike donates a set amount to UNICEF, urging that Training for the 10k doesn’t only help you. For each kilometer run, you will be helping UNICEF.
2. Big in Japan Interactive Billboard

Big in Japan is a reality TV powering Swedish in Japan. In order to promote the broadcast of channel TV6 Office, the agency has installed an interactive screaming which takes pictures, thus simulating a delirious Japanese crowd whenever a passer-by was captured by the billboard.
1. Billboard for a Lingerie Store Bustop

Billboard is the best advertising system, because it allows the advertiser to create and actual 3D advertisement that can interact with the environment it is placed in. The brand is a lingerie clothing company and when wind blows past the billboard it lifts up the skirt and reveals one of their underwear products underneath.


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