Top 5 Coolest Foosball Tables

Sunday, January 1, 2012

5. Barbie Foosball Table

Trying to get your girlfriend to play foosball? This Barbie-themed foosball table might just do the trick. Created by French designer Chloe Ruchon and presented at the DMY Design Festival 2009, in Berlin, Barbiefoot combines Barbie dolls and table-football. You could say Ruchon managed to create something that men and women might actually enjoy doing together.
4. World’s Largest Foosball Table

Here’s the largest football-table game in the world. In fact, Table Football XXL is so huge, two entire soccer teams — 22 players — could face off with it, settling their challenges without ever setting foot on a real field. This monster was built by Amsterdam brewer Amstel, a stunt that coincided with the European Champions League Finals. If you wanted to buy this one, you’d need six flight cases just to ship it to you.
3. Foosball Coffee Table

This is a coffee table with a built-in foosball game. Made from solid poplar, the table stands 20″ high, allowing you to sit comfortably or kneel while grasping your team’s three hand-carved, solid wood control rod handles.
2. Hybrid Real and Second Life Virtual Foosball Table

It’s a mixed-reality foosball, or table soccer game, which combines players from the virtual world Second Life with players from the real world. The game will feel quite different to a player, depending on which world she comes from: to virtual players, it’s a life-size soccer stadium where they run around kicking the ball. To real-world players, it’s a foosball table where the goal isn’t to hit the ball: it’s to create obstacles for the opposing team’s avatars, and to knock those avatars out of the way.
1. Lego Star Wars Foosball Table

Now how cool is that – a Lego Star Wars Foosball Table which sees all of the foosmen being replaced by Lego Star Wars mini-figs? The entire table is one fantasy piece of Lego land.


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