10 Dream Jobs and Internships for This Summer

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summer is up and people have looking up for jobs and internships. Most teens are lucky to land jobs flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s, bagging groceries at the supermarket or playing counselor at a summer camp for kids. Few of these jobs pay well or offer side benefits that make up for the lousy earnings. But just imagine what it would be like if you held one of these 10 awesome jobs or internships. Jobs you’d probably be willing to do for free!

Personal Shopper for Lady Gaga

If you have a knack for combining previously-unheard-of fashion elements, such as rubber and diamonds, snakeskin and spandex or raw meat and vintage gowns, shopping for Lady Gaga could be the perfect gig for you.
Assistant Road Manager for Justin Bieber’s Upcoming Tour

Though you may think that being assistant road manager for Justin Bieber’s tour means making sure all the electronic equipment is in working order before a concert, it’s not. That’s for the roadies to work out. What you’re in charge of is maintaining his perfect bowl haircut and colorful wardrobe.
Chauffeur for Kim Kardashian!

Armed with your driver’s license and all-black outfit, you are more than ready to transport the Kardashian sisters to all the hot clubs in L.A. and Miami. She may even want to chat with you after a long night of partying, telling you about all the celebs she was hanging out with.
Travel Coordinator for the Next Bachelor!

After making travel arrangements for the next star of “The Bachelor,” make sure you get an extra ticket for yourself, so you can keep an eye on the crazy women who are after fame and…oh, who are we kidding, they’re not after him, they’re really just after fame. Which gives you a great opportunity to get to know him behind the scenes?
Dog Walker for Miley Cyrus!

That’s my personal favorite or should I say my dream job. I am willing to do it my whole life. Since Miley is spending more time with her beau Liam, it’s likely her dogs are in need of some companionship. But, hey, if you can exercise them regularly, you may earn her gratitude and some face time. It’s the best of both worlds.
Taste Tester at Hershey’s Chocolate Factory

Every food product from beer to beef jerky to chocolate needs to be regularly taste-tested for consistency’s sake. Most companies turn to their employees for feedback on the latest-and-greatest concoction, while others hire expert taste buds to weigh in.
Cabana Boy at Hugh Hefner’s Estate

Picture it “You, bikini-clad Playboy Playmates and the hot California sun”. What could be better?! As cabana boy, you’ll need to be prepared to cater to the many whims of the Playmates-in-residence. That might mean delivering fresh towels, smoothing baby oil on parched skin. Still you want to know how much they pay. Does it even matter now? ;)
Video Game Quality Control Intern at Nintendo!

Believe it or not, playing video games all day for pay is an actual job. Really, the only downside is that you may have to play games that aren’t on the market yet and tell the developers what you did and didn’t like about them.
Usher at the “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” Premiere!

Just picture it, you, Robert Pattison, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner mixing and mingling as they head to their seats for Twilight Eclipse. Maybe you’ll even get an invite to the after party?! If not, you can still enjoy the free popcorn and soda perks of being an usher.
Personal Trainer for Lewis Hamilton

Another one of my favorites here. With Lewis you will be able to see many beautiful places around the world including all the exciting formula 1 races. And you might get invited to a party with Nicole Scherzinger.


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