10 Best Characters in TV Show Lost

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yesterday “Lost” season finale brought answers to many unanswered. Fans who tuned in hoping to get all their questions answered may have been disappointed but as always it makes it interesting. “Lost” is truly recognized by its characters. A big part of the reason this show is so moving, so captivating, is its people. Even the smaller roles were carefully cast and crucial to the show. Picking the best “Lost” characters was tough. Sp here’s my take on who made “Lost” better for good or evil.

Compiled below is a list of some of the best characters in Tv show Lost. Do share your favorites in comment section. Thanks
Jack Shephard

Mathew Fox plays Jack Shephard on ABC’s series Lost. After the crash of Oceanic 815, the survivor’s sense Jacks natural leadership abilities and treat him as their leader from the start. Though reluctant at first, he gradually grows comfortable with taking charge.
John Locke

From the beginning, there was a man of faith and a man of science, and without Locke, everyone would have probably just gotten off the island and called it a day. Along with Ben, Locke is one of the finest characters ever created on television.
Josh Holloway plays James Ford, better known by his alias “Sawyer” on Lost. Sawyer is portrayed as a conniving, hot, overly sarcastic flirt who keeps stashes of washed ashore items. His flashbacks typically depict a more sensitive side to him which Kate finds out about later on.
Kate Austin

Evangeline Lilly plays Kate Austen on Lost. Kate’s parents divorced and her mother married Wayne, an alcoholic who often abused Diane. Kate soon learned that Sam was in Korea when she was conceived, and that Wayne was actually her biological father. One night, Kate took out an insurance policy on her mother’s home and blew it up, with Wayne inside. She informs her of this and immediately leaves.
Sun Kwon

Yunjin Kim plays Sun Kwon on Lost. Before the crash, Sun was a rich girl who married Jin, despite him being from a lower class. She learned English in secret so that she could run away from her failing marriage. However, at the last minute, she decided to stay with Jin and board the flight that led to the crash. On the island, she revealed she could speak English to the group when her husband was accused of burning the raft.
Charlie Pace

Dominic Monaghan plays Charlie Pace on Lost. Before the crash, Charlie was a bass player for the successful UK band Drive Shaft, where he developed a Heroin addiction. On the island, Lock helped him kick his drug addiction. He was almost killed when they were kidnapped by sinister Ethan Rom; Jack saved him with CPR. He later hunted down and shot Ethan Rom in revenge.
Benjamin Linus

Michael Emerson is simply genius in this role. One of the best characters ever created on television, and one of the most highly-developed quasi-villains, Ben’s ups and downs have been whiplash-worthy. Given all the heinous things he’s done, he should be hated on the Anthony Cooper level, but instead he’s always remained if not sympathetic, than understandable.
Sayid Jarrah

A tortured torturer, Sayid played by “Naveen Andrews” came to the island with a haunted past. On the island, Sayid was the faithful standby to get the Lostees out of a hostage situation. Flying in with kicks, chops and general badass ninja skills, his action scenes were always fun to watch. In the end, Sayid sacrificed his own life to save his friends.
Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Hurley is the big, beating heart at the center of “Lost.” What he lacks in the bravery department, he makes up for with empathy. He’s been the source of many of the island’s greatest relationships. More than just comic relief, Hurley makes every moment more. It was bad enough losing Sun and Jin, but when Hurley broke down, it got ten times worse.
Desmond Hume

Just hearing him say “brutha” would be enough, but Desmond quickly became the escape hatch for “Lost.” When it seemed like there would be no resolution, when it seemed all was, well, lost, Desmond would pop up. The initially rascally, drunken, aimless Scotsman went on to become the linchpin for the survival of the Lostees. The always fascinating Desmond has a special bounce in his step and gleam in his eye in the show as he’s gone about getting the entire sideways world chess pieces in place or sometimes just running them over.


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