UNLV Season Is Opened By "A capella" Group Mo5aic

Friday, November 30, 2012

"A capella" group Mo5aic (Mosaic) has been on the rise for some time now. Opening the Season for UNLV Runnin' Rebels Basketball with the National Anthem (and if you follow basketball then you know this is a BIG season). Featured in 2007 as the winner of CBS "The Next Great A capella Group" judged by none other than "Boyz 2 Men." Since then Mo5aic has been on a mission to bring their Voice-Instrument sound to the forefront of entertainment. Having been featured on Americas Got Talent and receiving outstanding reviews, this group of singers have managed to land a steady stream of big name gigs as they slowly climb to bigger heights.

One of which being the 51st Grammies and the Academy Awards. Playing alongside the likes of Joey Fatone, the group managed to get their voices heard far and wide. Destined to take A capella out from the Niche that's been created in the mainstream, they've taken a familiar sound and delivery and turned it into something unique. Claiming to want to give the genre a "Facelift", the group is made up of 5 good friends who all met up through their various paths in the A capella community. Adding an honest and lighthearted approach to their music, you can't help but like the guys as their interactions hint at the passion they possess for the music. Might be exactly why they have been given the chances to perform with the likes of the legendary pop singer Prince who they claim is a huge influence.
Now having comfortably switched residency to Las Vegas, they have found the perfect home for their talents. Backing one of the strips biggest headliners for nearly a year we now have the honor of hosting them at one of the best resident shows in town! That's right, you can see Mo5aic at V-The Ultimate Variety Show! (check the Mo5aic website to confirm dates). Now a huge piece of the Las Vegas equation, Mo5aic has given back considerably to the community through various charities. Known to be huge supporters of the artistic community in Vegas, contributing the cultural rise which many call unprecedented. Frequently donating time and funds by hosting fundraisers for the Public Education Foundation and various HIV/Aids causes such as "the Golden Rainbow". They also "Adopted" the Las Vegas based "West Preparatory Academy" and provide scholarships to outstanding students and various forms of financial support. They have also been featured numerous times on the Ribbon of Life. Because of their positive addition to the community, they now had the opportunity to open the hopeful 2012-2013 season of the Runnin' Rebels Basketball program with The National Anthem, which is highly appreciated by all the locals. With such a huge track record of rising success and invaluable assistance to the Las Vegas community, we are not only proud but honored to call them Las Vegas residents and local stars.


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