An Event Planner And Coordinator Makes Event Management Successful

Friday, November 30, 2012
Event planning is a systematic and organized way of planning a ceremony, festival, convention, party, exhibitions, fairs, fund-raising & social events, company promotions & product launches, competition or concert. It includes financial budgeting, choosing & reserving the site, deciding dates including alternate dates. Along with these activities, it also includes coordination of transportation and parking of vehicles. Thus, the role of an event planner is crucial, which is also responsible for developing a theme or motif, coordinating location support such as electricity and other utilities, arranging tents, chairs, decors, tables along with security concerns, police, fire, catering, Signage, health care professionals, parking, portable toilets and clean up. Now, you can understand the importance of an event coordinator or planner.

An event planner & coordinator work in the private, public as well as non-profit sectors. They work for various event management companies as freelancers or they also work in-house for an organization. Have a look at their activities:
• Managing a financial budget.
• Booking a well-suited venue or site.
• Preparing delegate packs and papers.
• Promoting the event by coordinating PR professionals.
• Interacting with clients and designers to create a brand and organizing various activities that are required for production such as posters, tickets, catalogues or sales brochure.
• Ensuring legal, insurance, safety and health obligations.
• Knowing the clients' requirements.
• Selling stand, exhibition and sponsorship space to potential partners or exhibitors at one of the best competitive rates.
• Coordinating venue management, contractors, stand designers as well as equipment line.
• Identifying and securing of speaker, special guests or any other participants.
A successful event planner is also responsible for providing conference services and selecting ideal conference venues that are well-suited for the clients according to their specific needs and requirements. They should also well-versed in verbal as well as written communications so that there could be better coordination among various team members in the management. They should have a good relationship with various vendors and contractors which will help them in creating cost-effective and memorable functions. This will build a long-lasting impression to the target audiences. They should know about their management aspects so that they could use their resources in a better way. They should have time-management for performing multi-tasking activities.
In this competitive era, there are large numbers of event planner available and all use to commit to the clients that their services are the best in comparison to their competitors. You should not choose someone on the basis of their sayings only. You must enquire about them at your own level to make your event successful & memorable forever.


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