Photo Handbags: The Solution To Gift-Buying Conundrums

Friday, November 30, 2012
Some women can be notoriously difficult to shop for on holidays, birthdays and special occasions. These ladies may already have everything that they need, or they may just have very particular taste in clothing, jewelry or home decor. These types of women are the ones who are always the last to be checked off on the shopping list. Sometimes givers end up choosing gift cards or generic clothing items just to find something for these difficult-to-shop-for loved ones. However, for those who fit in this category, creating one-of-a-kind photo handbags may be the solution for this year's gift buying woes.
If one has never seen a photo purse, it may be surprising to learn how lovely these bags can be. Many online companies provide different styles. Whether the gift recipient prefers a large tote, a small wristlet or a messenger bag, personalization companies have the perfect handbag for any woman.
If the woman is a parent or grandparent, creating a personalized purse featuring pictures of the children and grandchildren will be sure to please. Some companies allow users to print multiple photos on the bag so that all the kids and grand-kids will share the spotlight on Grandma's purse. Alternately, those who do not have children or grandchildren to show off may be delighted to have photos of a favorite pet printed on a purse. Proud parents of fur-babies would love to have bags displaying beloved companion animals. Others may enjoy photos of scenic landscapes, gorgeous flowers or interesting animals. Whatever the recipient's interests, a photo purse is a personalized, unique gift for any occasion.

How Do Companies Create Photo Bags?
Most companies take photos that are submitted electronically and transfer them to polyester panels. The fabric is dyed by specialized processes that will keep the photo in top condition for years of use. The photo panel will not crack, peel or fade. Then, the panel will be sewn into a one-of-a kind handbag. Some companies can create bags featuring removable panels, which can be switched as the user desires. If the bag has a removable panel, the photo image will be printed on a separate fabric piece that snaps onto the body of the purse.
Choosing a Photo
When deciding on the best photo for a photo purse, buyers should keep a few things in mind. First, not every picture is suitable for a photo bag. Snapshots of very low quality will not transfer well, so chosen pictures should be of the highest resolution possible. Prints that are mailed to the photo bag company should be at least four inches by six inches in size. Second, if a photo bag has a vertical or horizontal orientation, photos of similar orientation will look best on it. Third, buyers should be sure to preview the online proof before finalizing the order. This will help the purchaser to visualize the final product and ensure that the photo is properly cropped.
By creating photo purses, shoppers can simplify their lives on holidays and birthdays. There will be no more aimless wandering of the mall hoping to find an appropriate gift. Additionally, there will be no more awkward silences as recipients try to muster some enthusiasm for an ill-chosen gift. Photo handbags are the perfect solution for challenging shopping situations.


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