Are You a JRR Tolkien Fan?

Friday, November 30, 2012
It all started when I saw the animated version of The Hobbit back in the 1970s. I have literally seen it at least a hundred times. Tolkien's use of song and rhyme fascinated my eight year old mind. It opened up an entire world of elves and wizards. I was especially intrigued by the magical powers that Gandalf, the wizard and escort for Bilbo and crew, possessed. The darkness of the mines and the creatures that lived there were so surreal.
Early on in the adventure, Bilbo (being recruited as the "burglar") was told to burgle something from a group of trolls that were settled in at a campfire getting ready for dinner. They could be overheard discussing the fact that they had "nothin' but mutton to eat". This was when Bilbo sprung into action in a feeble attempt to prove his worth to the group. Through a series of missteps he was captured by the trolls and, in his panic, he shouted out to warn his companions which only revealed their existence to the trolls! The group was then eagerly sought after by the trolls and eventually was captured. In the excitement, the trolls had disregarded the hobbit for he was considered to be "less than a mouthful" by the trolls. This enabled Bilbo to discover their stash of stolen goods. This was where he first discovered Sting.

Admittedly, Bilbo realized that the sword he had discovered was not actually a sword, but merely a dagger. A dagger to a normal sized individual was the same as a sword to a hobbit, however. What he didn't realize was that he had stumbled upon an enchanted weapon that gave its owner an early warning whenever danger was near. I had always been a fan of the Spider Man animated series and related the enchantment of Sting to the "spidey sense" that Spider Man had whenever his safety was at risk. This is why I have decided to write an entire Trilogy of how it got this invaluable enchantment.
My story starts in the Blue Mountains of Middle Earth centuries before the naïve hobbit, Bilbo discovered Sting. The dwarf king Donagle Krumpler III ruled his kingdom with a firm yet compassionate hand. He was known for his uncanny business sense and ability to accumulate wealth. This wealth was celebrated annually at his Feast Fortune Festival where attendees from near and far would congregate to admire some of his best pieces he had collected over the years. The King was particularly proud to announce his latest achievement one particular year... the birth of his son, Donagle Jr. What he was unaware of was another birth at that same time... the birth of the elf Princess Eleanore of the Willow Wood.
The story tracks the secret bond between the Prince and Princess with their true test when a band of marauding orcs is told to be bearing down on their region from the North East. A hooded figure appears in the market one day, particularly interested in a blade for sale that has a peculiar blue glow. This stranger gives Skrog, the dwarf in charge of the royal market, an uneasy feeling so he is turned away. Little did he know that this stranger was in fact Golgatham, an orc that had utilized magic of his own to conceal his identity.
The King, wanting to protect his lineage, sends Donagle to a remote mountain cave and unknowingly sets in motion an adventure that will be spoken about for centuries to come... and leads to the creation of Sting. Live are lost, relationships blossom and the very existence of Middle Earth hangs in the balance in this exciting trilogy of the Opal Stone.


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