Kinetic Artistic Creations - Case Study

Friday, November 30, 2012
Not long ago, I was talking with a very nice lady. She was originally from the Netherlands before moving to the United States and becoming a scientist, an astronomer. Today, Patricia Vader is intimately involved in creating Kinetic Art. If you don't know what kinetic art is; it is art which is in motion, it is moving. She likes to create windmill type art, which probably makes sense because she is Dutch originally.
I met her in the high-fashion shopping district in my international golfing community. She currently lives in San Francisco, and she was commissioned by our city to create a beautiful Sunflower Windmill on our main street in town. Most of her creations are based off the concept of a bicycle wheel as the platform for her spinning art. It stands to reason with the popularity of wind turbines out here in this desert community not far from Palm Springs, and all the alternative energy power that we are now generating in our nation that her art is taking on new meaning.

The most interesting thing is that wind mills are thousands of years old, and it seems there are new designs along this theme in the alternative energy sector popping up all the time, and occasionally borrowing from days gone by. Interestingly enough, on November 14, 2012 there was a piece in GizMag Innovation Online News titled; " World-first wooden wind turbine starts spinning in Germany," by Darren Quick. So, in a way this is mixing old world windmill technology with today's modern high-tech world of wind turbine energy generation.
The object and intriguing art piece that Patricia Vader put in our city of Palm Desert California does not generate energy, it spins, and therefore catches your eye making you look. It is quite attractive, compelling, and it makes you think as good artwork should. Indeed, I suppose that this artwork could generate energy if that were its purpose. It could easily generate the energy to power up LED lights for its display at night. As far as I am concerned, I think Patricia Vader and her brilliant artwork is on the cutting edge of functionality and design.
That is to say that her kinetic artistic creations are not only genius level artwork, but perhaps someday in the future that same type of artwork might be powering up our local Boulevard in our high rent shopping district. Indeed, I would like to congratulate all the kinetic artists in America and around the world, because this is your era to move design and art to a higher level. Please consider all this and think on it.


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