2012 Holiday Party Registration Made Easy for You

Friday, November 30, 2012
It is time to bid farewell to the year 2012 and welcome the New Year soon. Before that there is ample opportunity to soak in the festivities that abound during the year-end time. Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, but there is more to come; the biggest being the New Year eve events and parties. If you are in the event industry you are sure to have a hectic time ahead in the coming month. Prepare yourself with the latest technology solutions that will make the 2012 holiday party registration easy for you.
Online event management solution is a software application that makes the otherwise stressful affair of party planning a real cakewalk. A genuine, user-friendly product, the event registration software allows professional event organizers, corporate houses, clubs, alumni associations, healthcare facilities, non profits, and even individuals to manage their 2012 holiday party registration in a convenient manner.
Following are the procedures that can be streamlined by the productivity tools of the holiday party registration online solution:
Creation of online event registration form: To make your events a stand out amidst the party galore, take your 2012 event planning online. It will let you create and upload attractive looking online event registration pages within minutes by using the customizable templates of the software. Having an online entity will help you get more attendees for your events as everyone will be able to access the registration pages from their web enabled devices and computers at anytime and from anywhere in the world.
Collection of online registration fee: Not every event that you will be hosting during the holidays is going to be free of charge. You will surely be charging your guests a particular amount for participating at these events. To make the payment procedure methodical for them, you can avail of the online payment management options provided by the event registration solution. This will allow your guests to pay through a number of online and offline payment means in a secure manner. You will be able to keep a track of every transaction in real-time as well.

Sending email invitations: It is natural to have a sizeable clientele base for any business. To invite them all for your events in advance, take the help of the automated bulk email messaging tool of the event registration software. The application will save you considerable capital that you would have had to spend on sending out paper invitation cards by post.
Online event promotions: The best way to drive traffic to your 2012 holiday party registration page is through social media promotions. To do that more conveniently you can opt for a Social Media Connector via which any event update can be posted on the social networking sites automatically.
Waitlist Management: It is only natural for you to expect a full house on the event day. To materialize this wish you need to provide your guests with waitlist options, so that they can send in their registration requests even after your events have been sold out. This will enable you to accommodate a few more guests from the waitlists when there are last minute cancellations.
All said and done, the ultimate key to a great event is the program line-up. You need to conceive a brilliant program schedule to draw in the maximum crowd and offer them some lucrative deals to set your 2012 holiday event registration records ringing.


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