Top 5 Most Bizarre Services

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

5. Ashes to Portraits: transforms the ashes from your loved one in a portrait

Using some of your loved one’s ashes combined with a very special mixture involving oil paint, the company has a professional artist create a one-of-a-kind portrait that will not only be a beautiful remembrance that will live on for many generations, but it will also help with your feelings of loss. You can also have a portrait of your beloved pet using its cremated ashes.

4. Crime Scene Cleaners Inc.

The police, the fire department and the crime-scene investigators who arrive at a crime scene perform crucial tasks in the aftermath of a violent death. But they don’t, as a general rule, clean up. Mopping up after someone who dies violently is the responsibility of that person’s family. Now there is a company, called Crime Scene Cleaner Inc., that can handle the dirty job, literally. It’s a cleaning maintenance service specializing in the cleanup of homicide, suicide and accidental deaths. The company offers services of cleaning, disinfecting and removal of all contaminated items to restore the scene to a safe, non-biohazardous state. But it’s not what you are thinking, if you committed a crime you should call the police first, Cleaners Inc. won’t come and clean up your mess.
3. Last Meals Delivery Service: delivers a surprise meal chosen by a death row prisoner

Last Meals Delivery Service in Toronto will bring you a last meal (only for Toronto residents). Not your last meal, but the meal someone on Death Row chose as his last. They all cost $20 and must be ordered a couple of days ahead of delivery. You don’t get to pick it out, but when it’s delivered it comes with a DVD to watch and a paper mask of the convict who selected it.
2. stores good-bye messages to be sent after the client’s death

The problem with dying unexpectedly is that you never get a chance to say goodbye. No longer. A new web site called allows users to write and store adios e-mail messages to friends and family. Upon one’s demise, the messages are made available to recipients.
The Last Messages Club is an email service that allows personal notes written prior to one’s death to be sent to loved ones in the future. Important documents such as wills and insurance details can also be accessed through the service. Members can write up to 100 emails that can be released once they die at times of their election, such as when a relative or loved one marries or has a child.
1. Professional Bird Shit Removal: removes the shit from your car or house

Car just washed? Birds overhead? It may be time for Professional Bird Shit Removal! The bird population has exploded in recent years. With the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web, birds of all types have grown more savvy, their proficiency growing at an exponential rate. Do you want to take a chance in this new day and age? These skilled technicians are highly trained in the art of Professional Bird Shit Removal and will thoroughly dig out your home, vehicle, or loved one from the offending pile. Whether the culprit is one bird, or an entire flock of feral pigeons, Professional Bird Shit Removal has you completely covered from head to toe.


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